Chicken and Bell Peppers

I'm back to cooking a main course dish. And, in fact, I'm doing it freestyle! The last dish I made freestyle was Chicken and Broccoli.

Cut the green bell pepper.
Cut the tomatoes. Cut the chicken. Dice three garlic cloves.

Oil the pan. Throw in the garlic. Throw in the chicken.
Grind some salt. Grind some pepper. Pour on some soy sauce. Shake on some dried oregano leaves.
Put the chicken in a bowl.
Add some oil to the pan.
Throw in the tomatoes and bell pepper.
Put the chicken back in the pan.

Not too salty, but almost came close. Could have been prevented by perhaps omitting the salt, or using less, since I added the soy sauce. Extra oil on the plate. So after I did the chicken, I added oil because I was afraid of the pan burning from the extra time to do the vegetables and then the chicken again, but I guess at that stage, you don't need to add as much or any at all. However, the chicken got to at least 170 degrees F and probably reached 180 in the extra minute I had going. Definitely accomplished my goal of getting a juicy and soft chicken.

How to cut bell peppers.
1) Chop off the ends. (Keep the ends for step 4) You're left with the cylinder.
2) Make a vertical slice through the side of the cylinder.
3) Lay the cylinder on it's side and cut away the center (your knife is parallel to the cutting surface)
4) Chop up this rectangle into slices and trim the ends.
How to cut tomatoes.
I didn't know what kind of tomato I had. I usually cut it in half, and then slice it into pieces from there.
But I saw another way to cut the tomatoes. In which you cut the sides off while the tomato is upright. Then pull away the seeds. And then slice then from there. I tried this second way out.

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