Chicken and Plum

This course was experimental in three ways. The first for the effect of pieces of chicken with fat, the second for the effect of plum, and third for the effect of adding mint sauce.

Steps I Took:
I peeled the skin and cut the plum into slices.
I oiled the pan with olive oil, and, being lazy, I used ready-to-use chopped garlic.
I had cut the chicken into pieces, but kept the pieces of chicken with fat separated from the nicer cubes of chicken. I threw in the cubes first, as I figured they would take longer to cook.
I poured on some mint sauce, and feeling the pan lacked oil, I opened my saved oil (which is a random mix of olive oil, fat, soy sauce, and other juices) and spooned several spoonfuls out.
Finally, I added the plum. Unfortunately, the chicken wasn't ready as soon as I expected so the plum was overcooked and turned excessively soft.

I ate the fatty pieces first; they were unhealthy and delicious.

Next I ate the regular chunks, they were delicious, too.

Some of the plum had lined the bottom of the pan and was picked up by several pieces of chicken. That tasted good. I liked the hint of plum within the dish.

At some point, I decided to mash the plum. Unfortunately, when I smothered a piece of chicken into the mashed plum and took a bite, the mushiness was gross, and the taste of plum was overcome by the texture.

In conclusion, I learned that I can add plum for flavor, but I should remove any mushy and overcooked plum before eating. Furthermore, I have the option to add either slightly cooked or raw plum to the dish when I'm done.

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