Chicken and Artichoke Hearts

Hilariously, instead of eating at a given time or for a given reason today, I was just eating whenever I felt like cooking and washing dishes - but at least I was eating and washing dishes!

The last time I used artichoke was in Chicken with Artichoke Penne. In fact, that was my first cooking post of something that I cooked myself! Furthermore, it might have been the second or third time I've cooked a meat (as opposed to reheating it).

Steps I Took:
Defrosted the chicken.*
Added soy sauce to the bag.
Added Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Seasonings to the bag.
Added "Caribbean Traditions" Chicken Seasoning to the bag.
Mixed the bag up.
Set the bag aside.
Cut up a tomato.
Cut up the chicken.
Opened the jar of marinated artichoke hearts and poured the oil (vegetable oil and vinegar) into a pan.
Since the chicken and tomatoes were occupying the cutting board, I decided to use "Ready to Use" chopped garlic.
Added the chicken to the pan.
I tried a little bit of flipping chicken using the pan. While it was fun to imitate the motion, I didn't get to toss the chicken very high, so most of the pieces didn't flip over. I flipped what remained by hand (with chopsticks).
Added about a tablespoon of reconstituted lemon juice.
Removed the chicken into a bowl.
Added the tomatoes to the pan.
Added the artichoke hearts to the pan.
Returned the chicken to the pan.
*This was the third piece out of a five-piece tray; I separated each piece in a bag and put them into the freezer
**I had remembered to use my meat thermometer when I removed the chicken from the pan, but ended up forgetting after I returned it to the pan. As such, I didn't use a thermometer today.

I ate about half of what I cooked. After doing so, I poured the remaining oil from the pan into the artichoke heart jar. Then I added some soy sauce to what I cooked. Then I poured the sauce from what I cooked into the jar. And finally I put the jar in the fridge.

But then I decided I wanted more chicken, except with spaghetti. So I took yesterday's asparagus broth, brought it to a boil, added some salt, and threw in the last of the spaghetti (as usual, broken in half). I boiled the spaghetti for 9 minutes as instructed on the box and then ate some spaghetti by itself. I threw what remained into the pan where I cooked the chicken and swished it around to gather some flavor. Then I put some of it into a small plate and threw what remained of the chicken and artichoke hearts onto it.

The artichoke hearts and lemon were the dominating flavors.

One of the reasons I love using jarred artichoke hearts is the convenience of using the oil from the jar.

Only one piece of chicken had the problem of being salty.

While the tomato was doing its job of soaking up sauce (in particular soy sauce), it seemed the artichoke also soaked a fair amount of sauce. Unlike the tomato, the artichoke comes with its own strong flavor. With that being said, the tomato contributes some moisture and color to the dish. Actually, now that I think about it, some pieces of tomato did contribute their own flavor - provided they weren't overcooked.

The dish was delicious with and without the spaghetti. But the spaghetti helped in filling my stomach.

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