Mushroom with Prosciutto Panino

Short on time, this course was quick and easy but delicious. Though it could have been made more from scratch if I had had the time.

Steps I Took:
Mushrooms: I cut up an entire tray (8 oz) worth of mushrooms, which - after cutting four or five mushrooms - I decided I should do as follows: place the mushroom on it's top, make a cut to the left of the stem, turn it around 180 degrees, make a cut to the left of the stem, and then cut down the center. This way I had about four equal pieces.

Prosciutto Panino: I cut up a prosciutto panino which I bought from Charles Street Market into several slices. A prosciutto panino is basically just prosciutto hand-rolled in mozzarella.

Onion: With practically half an onion remaining after making scrambled eggs, I cut it up and added it to the pan.

Then I added the mushroom. And then I added the prosciutto panino.

Oh wow! The texture and oils from the cheese gave the mushrooms a rich taste. Meanwhile, the prosciutto held the chunks of cheese together. Finally, the onion added a nice flavor that balanced out the flavor of the cheese.


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