Scrambled Eggs

There's not really anything special about scrambled eggs, but I wanted to blog about it anyways. If anything, using Spam instead of the typical breakfast ham is something I've never tried before.* Actually, another difference was that I used more egg white than egg yolk, because I had a lot of egg whites leftover after I made egg Benedict.

In fact, the eggs Benedict also left me with over half an onion to use.

*[20161022] It's possible I never had Spam prior to this day; I almost certainly never cooked it prior to this day.

Ingredients: Half an Onion // Spam (two slices) // 6 Egg Whites and an Egg Yolk // Green Bell Pepper

Steps I Took:
I cut up a green bell pepper. Then I put olive oil in pan and let the onion simmer. I cut up some Spam and threw into pan.

Next I added the egg whites and egg yolk. Finally I added the green bell pepper.

Wow, the egg was delicious. I didn't realize you don't need that much egg yolk to have good scrambled eggs.

The Spam added a perfect amount of saltiness to the dish.

When I bit into the bell pepper there was a small hint of spiciness that gave the meal a subtle bite.

After eating a good portion of the dish, I tried four changes: General Tsao's sauce, Crazy Jane's Salt Mix, honey, and Kikkoman soy sauce.

Best by far was the General Tsao's sauce, both in texture and flavor.

Crazy Jane's Salt Mix was good, but it was more or less - in this dish - just salt.

As for the honey, I could only subtly taste it on the egg, and it didn't taste that good with the Spam.

Finally, the Kikkoman soy sauce was watery and either detracted from the green bell pepper and Spam or added no flavor to the dish.

Oh, I forgot about the onion. Not counting the slight amount (2 tsp) used in the eggs Benedict, this was the first time I used onion when cooking. Equivalently, this is the first time I heavily used onion in a dish.

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