Ramen, Broccoli, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

It was late at night and I hadn't eaten for a while. I also hadn't used the broccoli I bought yet, so it was important I should use it to cook a meal. Then, without hesitation, I quickly decided that I should use ramen. It took me a bit longer to decide if I also wanted to use meat, but eventually decided I wouldn't. Finally, I eyed my options of flavor to add to which I just give the sun-dried tomatoes a try.

Ramen, broccoli, and sun-dried tomatoes. Plus an egg. (20100923)
Steps I Took:
Step 1: Boiled water. Added a pinch of salt. Added ramen. 5 minutes. Step 2: Cut up broccoli. Threw the broccoli into water with ramen. 4 minutes. Step 3: Oiled the pan. Added some ready-to-use chopped garlic. Cracked an egg into the pan. Step 4: Added four sun-dried tomatoes. Step 5: Then I added the ramen and broccoli. Step 6: After I turned off the heat, I removed the ramen from the pan and tried to stir in the the ramen (shrimp) flavoring.

The egg was sort of sticking to the pan, but not much.

When I added the ramen and broccoli to the pan, the water in them quickly heated and turned to steam.

Unfortunately, the broccoli turned out soft. Fortunately, the sun-dried tomatoes seemed to have soaked up the ramen shrimp flavoring. Unfortunately, there was still uneven concentrations of sun-dried tomato flavor.

Salt, empty Top Ramen package, the amount of broccoli cooked, olive oil, ready-to-use chopped garlic, the dish (empty slot is the order the egg was added), sun-dried tomatoes. (20100923)
Possible Changes:
Cut down on the boil time to 1 min.
Cook the ramen and broccoli together (or just stir-fry the broccoli).
Cut the sun-dried tomatoes into smaller pieces; four sun-dried tomatoes was a good amount, but the flavor was still concentrated.
The tomato while it didn't spread it's flavor, spread its color. Just dab or stir it around the ramen.
The broccoli needs to be crunchy to add it's standard texture.

When should I add the (ramen) shrimp flavoring?

The egg was colorful, but lacked flavor, and so would have benefited from a sauce. However, this dish did not naturally produce any sauce. What sort of sauce could I add to the egg and/or dish?

[20100924][20161020 Edit][Take 1: Ramen, Broccoli, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Egg]

Ramen, broccoli, and sun-dried tomatoes. Plus two eggs. Now with chicken and yellow bell peppers. (20100924)
I felt I needed to redo yesterday's ramen and broccoli dish. With a little bit more time on my hands, I was able to add some other ingredients and play around with the dish.

Steps I Took:
Step 2a: I cut up the broccoli. Step New A, but Failed: I cut up a gala apple but it didn't have the crunchy texture I was looking for so I just ate it instead of adding it to the dish. Step 2b: Put the broccoli stem from yesterday and today into boiling water. Step 1: Added ramen. Boil for under 5 minutes. Step New B: Cut the yellow pepper, into half slices. Step New C: I removed the ramen and put it on the plate of ingredients. Step 3b A: separating two egg yolks from their whites, I added them to the water used to cook the ramen and set the whites aside. I boiled them for under 5 minutes. Whatever the time, I got them out in time to see a bright yellow color under the surface; perfect. Step 4: I use scissors to cut up about three pieces of sun-dried tomatoes and placed the pieces on top of the broccoli.

From top to bottom, left to right: Sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil,  egg white, apple cider vinegar (didn't use),  broccoli with sun-dried tomatoes, ramen with two egg yolks, yellow bell pepper, empty Top Ramen package, Top Ramen flavor package, Royal Gala apple sticker (didn't use apple) (20160924)
Step New D: Deciding to add meat to the dish, I cut the chicken up into cubes. Step 3a: I oiled the pan. Step New E: Added the chicken. Step 6: Into the egg white bowl, I added the ramen (shrimp) flavoring and gave it a stir. Step 3b B: Add the egg white mixture to the chicken. Step New F: Random actions: I was occasionally adding olive oil, water, beer, and an oil mixture composed of olive oil, a sun-dried tomato, and sun-dried tomato oil. Step 5b and Step 4: When the chicken reached about 160 degrees, I decided to add the broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes. Step New G: I also added the yellow pepper. Step New F, repeated: Again I was occasionally adding water or beer. Step 5a: Finally I added the ramen on top. But since it was dry, I added some water. Step 6: After stirring the ramen around to color it, I pushed it out onto a plate, placed two egg yolks on top, and cut them open.

The chicken and egg white cooking in the pan. (20160924)
Sun-dried tomatoes, egg whites, and ramen work great together. The chicken, however, felt like it was just tagging along while the broccoli and yellow bell pepper were there simply to make the dish somewhat healthy.

While the flavors didn't entirely mix, at least I didn't cook the vegetables for too long so they were cooked, yet retained a crunchiness.

Of course, I just love the two egg yolks!

I was eating the pieces too individually. Eating different parts together created a wider experience. I should cut pieces smaller, so that the dish can be reasonably eaten with a spoon or fork. I suppose regardless I should eat with a fork (I get so used to using chopsticks).

A picture of the dish prior to cutting open the egg-yolk. (20160924)

[20161021 Edit][Take 2: Ramen, Broccoli, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Egg, Chicken, Yellow Bell Pepper]

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