Spaghetti and Potatoes

Recently I planned on starting a low carb, high fat diet. Furthermore, I planned to facilitate it by first finishing all the remaining food items which I had on hand; this included some of Ada's homemade BBQ sauce and potatoes. Looking through what else I had, I decided to combine her sauce and potatoes with a box of spaghetti I had.

Steps I Took:
1) Peeled three potatoes and cut each into fours. 2) Boiled potatoes for about eight minutes. 3) Boiled the pasta for seven minutes. 4) Reheated two eggs. 5) Drained the pot.

6a) Diced three stalks of green onion and added it to the pot. 6b) Also added Ada's homemade BBQ sauce. 6c) Added some fish sauce. 6d) Added Parmesan cheese.

7) I added the eggs for style. I later realized they needed some sauce to make them tasty.

It's delicious! I liked it because it was sweet. The potatoes were cooked to somewhere between just right and just a bit over; I was worried they'd turn out undercooked.

This dish was so delicious, I had the rest as a late night dinner.

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Spaghetti in a BBQ Sauce with Potatoes

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