Beef and Pineapple

Today was an attempt at cooking organically, i.e., without any recipes.

While the food was edible, it wasn't delicious. 5:01PM PT

The beef was chewy and bland. Maybe I should have marinated it.

The pineapple had a way of soaking the flavors so eating it on its own was good.

The noodle with the broth tasted good.

The peppers were still crunchy. Also using two bell peppers might have been too much.

I guess I should have partially cooked the meat, set it aside, partially cook the vegetables, and then add the meat back in. While I was worried the beef would be undercooked, I inadvertently ended up with overcooked beef, and overcooked beef is unappetizing.

I also didn't know what happened to my garlic. Had I already used it all?

Anyways the sauce was tasty and not overly salty; I was worried it would be salty because I had added muoc mem as well as additional salt and pepper.


Today I heated up the fettuccine, added some pasta sauce from a jar, and added two eggs. I stirred the mixture to keep the egg from burning. I believe the egg curdled from the acidity of the pineapple, but I could be wrong. Overall, it was a nice way to recover yesterday's failure. 1:27PM PT

Additional Notes:
While I believed that cooking the beef for too long made it chewy, I wasn't entirely sure. One of my aunts, however, confirmed my suspicion.

Another one of my aunts suggested that I should use a regular cut of beef and sliced it thin, because cubed beef works well for braising, while sliced beef works well for stir-fry.


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