Fettuccine and Tuna

Today I put together a simple dish with the aim of trying to cook a little bit more.

Fettuccine - 1/4 box (2 servings)* | Soy sauce | Pasta sauce - 8 oz. | Tuna - 1 can

*I estimated using a quarter of the box, but I later found out that the box has several concentric circles for measuring out the amount of pasta.

Steps I Took:
1) Added some soy sauce to a pot of water and brought the water to boiling.
2) When the water started boiling, I took two ends of the bundle of fettuccine and broke it in half.*
3) I boiled the fettuccine for exactly eleven minutes (al dente).
4) Drained a can of tuna and mashed it at the bottom of a bowl.
5) Poured in the sauce and continued mashing.
6) Stirred the tuna and sauce in together with the pasta.

*I almost always break the bundle in half.

The dish was delicious. The firmness of the pasta combined with the big tomatoes in the sauce went well with the texture and flavor of the tuna. 8:22PM PT

In hindsight, I wish I had an egg or two to cook and add to the dish.

An easy variation was to buy some (imitation) crab sticks / crab meat and add them instead of the tuna.

Like the tuna, it was helpful to mash the crab sticks in order to get a finer texture.

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