Beef Chili

Beef Chili
After seeing a recipe for beef chili on a can of beans, I decided to make some.

Ground beef - 1 lb. | Sun dried tomatoes | Diced tomatoes - 1 can | Black beans - 1 can

Steps I Took:
1) Used canola oil.
2) Cooked beef for about 6 min on high until brown.
3) Added sun dried tomatoes (pre-chopped from jar).
4) Added vegetable soya sauce (soy sauce).

Beef - 93% lean / 7% fat
5) Drained beef.
6) Added diced tomatoes first.
7) Added black beans (undrained).
8) Let simmer for about fifteen minutes.

Comments and Results:
I planned to eat the dish over three meals and so today I ate a third of it. I liked how I could taste the diced tomatoes. The beans and beef also tasted good.

Furthermore, for whatever reason, the dish was free of this weird aftertaste that is usually present when I heat and eat beef chili from a can.

Added diced tomatoes first.
I wonder if the reason is because I used black beans and the beans used in canned beef chili are pinto.

I should also note that the dish tasted exceptionally good for its simplicity; there were no herbs, no spices, no garlic, and no onions.

Anyways, I'm happy to slowly be getting back into cooking! 3:00PM PT

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