Rau Muong

Today I watched and listened as my dad made Rau Muống.

1) Get beef (steak, filet mignon, or tri-tip)
2) Cut the beef into small pieces
3) Marinate with pepper, some oil, and garlic (1 or more to taste)
4) Wash the rau muống.

My dad said I probably won't find this vegetable on the East Coast, or at least where I live, so he suggested I try spinach as a substitute.

5) Cut the vegetable to size; choice of long or short pieces.
6) Put one or two tablespoons of oil in the pan and let it warm.
7) Add the beef, cook to brown. Remove to plate.
8) Add garlic (again, 1 or more to taste).
9) Add vegetable. The rau muống on the bottom will become soft and it's necessary to toss the vegetables so that everything cooks evenly.
10) (Optional) add soy sauce or fish sauce.
11) When the vegetable is about three-quarters done (about a minute left to finish the vegetables), add the beef back in.

Basically, add the beef back in such a manner that the timing allows the beef and vegetable to cook to desired cooking stages at the same time (e.g., slightly raw veggies with well-done beef, well-done veggies with medium-rare beef, etc.).

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*Ipomoea aquatica is known as Rau Muống in Vietnamese and Ong Chow in Chinese.

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