Penne Pasta

Today I helped Stephanie make penne pasta.

Prego Fresh Mushroom + Barilla Penne + Mushroom, Tomato, Scallion, Garlic + Seafood Mix

Steps We Took:
Bought the mushrooms.

Crushed the garlic cloves - still inside the skin. Then we peeled the skin, which was now easier to peel off after smashing them. Then I diced the garlic - a little over half a clove.

We boiled the water to cook the penne. I like my pasta cooked al dente; we watched the time carefully.

Tiffany washed the mushrooms and cut up the tomato. Stephanie chopped the scallions, bacon, and mushrooms.

We threw some oil in the pan, followed by the garlic, and then some bacon.

Then we threw in the tomatoes, mushrooms, and scallions.

Next we added the tomato sauce.

Stephanie also put in a frozen seafood mix. Its ingredients were as follows: Wild caught: Cooked Mussel Meat, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Surimi (Sea bream, Starch, Egg Albumin, Natural Flavoring, Sugar, Salt, Natural Spices, Carmine, Paprika) Farm raised: Shrimp. READY TO COOK.

For additonal flavor, we threw in some garlic powder.

To go along with the pasta, we prepared some garlic bread.

Finally, we poured the sauce onto the penne! Yum!

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