Baked Chicken

Today my coworkers and I decided to cook all the chicken breasts by baking them. We got two trays, laid the chicken down and added various seasoning to the chicken, making two separate variations. We also added vegetables on top, also at different ratios. Then we poured some olive oil on top and mixed (well, mostly Adam mixed).

Baked Chicken Batch #1

Having preheated the oven to 400, we put the chicken in for 25 minutes and then set the oven on broil for another 10 with the hopes of cooking the chicken more evenly.

Some portions came out salty, but overall the chicken was surprisingly juicy and delicious to eat. As far as I know, none of us had personally baked chicken before, so we definitely had beginner's luck on our side. With that being said, I did refer to a recipe to get a suggested temperature and baking time.

Baked Chicken Batch #2


Baked Chicken

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