Shrimp and Asparagus

Technically a part 3 to my shrimp cooking adventure, this time I built upon what I've done by adding a vegetable component (more typical of a full meal).

Steps Taken:*
1. Today I used shrimp from Safeway, like Take 1, but on the same day that I bought it.

Green onion.
3. While waiting for the shrimp to dry, I prepared a full bundle of thick organic asparagus (1 lb, Coastal View Produce), half a bunch of green onion, some cloves of garlic (about 3), a full Jalapeno pepper, one spoonful of sugar, and some fish sauce (nuoc mem).

7. After the shrimp was cooked on both sides, I added the ingredients and added the asparagus.

Step 3.
During this time, I decided to also add an extra spoon of sugar and some more fish sauce.
*The items are numbered with respect to my previous post.

The final dish might have been too spicy and perhaps half a pepper is just right. As for the asparagus, I was afraid I added it to the pan too late but having both sides of the shrimp turn pink then adding the asparagus was actually perfect.

Asparagus, cut diagonally.
The various cuts of asparagus, however, were a bit uneven: some were crunchy while some were more soft. This suggests I should focus on cutting the spears more evenly and/or prepare less because I'm using a fairly small pan. 8:51PM PT

I'm a bit curious what makes the shrimp so juicy. Maybe retaining the shell is the key. In any case, the shrimp tasted delicious. 9:16PM PT

Looking forward to mildly spicy flavor.

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