Sausage, Asparagus, and Mashed Potatoes

Today I made Italian sausage with peppers, onions, and beer for the second time, added some asparagus, and completed the meal with some leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving dinner.

This post is concerned with combining the three.

Step 1: I poured some Trader Joe's Honey Apple Butter onto the center of the plate and spread it out with a spoon.
Step 2: I took my ladle and scooped up the mashed potatoes. I had it fall slowly onto the center of the plate. I took a fork and scooped out the remaining mashed potatoes from the glassware and place the remains on top of the mound. This gave the mound a more textured look.
Step 3: I stacked the asparagus down onto the plate.
Step 4: I placed some sausages down. In hindsight, I'm glad some of the sausages were cut at steeper diagonals. This allowed for a nicer overlap. I tried to find a sausage end that would cap off the sausages nicely.
Step 5: I placed one more spear next to the sausages.
Step 6: I poured some of the sauce from the asparagus pan on top of the mashed potatoes.
Step 7: I garnished the top of the mashed potato with parsley.

The honey apple butter went well in the ensemble. Of course, I like sweet dishes.

The best part about this was I had the mashed potatoes, I knew I wanted to do the sausages, but including the asparagus just randomly occurred to me while roaming the supermarket. Of course they're a commonly included as a side vegetable at restaurants and they have a nice look to them, so perhaps the thought to include them wasn't as random as I've led myself to believe.

Together, the sausage, mashed potatoes, and asparagus made for a good variety of taste and texture. The sausages were sweet and mildly spicy; the mashed potatoes were creamy, provided some saltiness, and contained the mouthwatering sauteed onions; and finally the asparagus were crunchy, mostly sweet from the teriyaki, and had a hint of bitterness that occasionally revealed. Actually, the bitterness sensation might have been coming from the slightly burnt teriyaki sauce.

Overall, the dish was fun to put together and delicious to eat.


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