Pasta with Chicken and Salmon

Today my friend and I made some pasta, though with a simple dish like this, it really didn't take two people. In fact, while I definitely cut some of the chicken, I don't remember what else I did to help out.

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!
Unless of course brainstorming ingredients at the supermarket counts as helping out.

Steph likes the mushrooms and I like the red bell pepper. I would have also gotten a green bell pepper, but we decided against it. This ended up being a good thing, because we wouldn't have had enough sauce to go around.

Chicken (left) and Salmon (right)
On a different note, we mixed fettuccine and angel hair together with mixed results*; for the most part, the thicker fettuccine dominated the experience.

Having tasted the dish, my sister said she would have paired penne with the ingredients we combined.

Finally, we also threw in a piece of salmon, but it broke into little pieces that we could only occasionally detect, and only because we knew it was there.

Overall, I liked the result.

*Whether good or bad, mixing the two was more my idea than Steph's.

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