Macaroni and Beef Hash

Macaroni and Roast Beef Hash
Whenever I make pasta I feel like I'm just mixing various ingredients as opposed to cooking. Oh well, it's still fun to take pictures and record the outcome!

Steps I Took:
My Usual Pasta Regimen: Water, Salt, Boil, Olive Oil, Pasta

Roast Beef Hash
Other: Opened a can of roast beef hash* and put it in the cast iron skillet. No additional oil needed. Added about half a tomato. Added one sun-dried tomato cut with scissors. Added an egg. Put most of the pasta into the mix of corned beef hash and tomatoes. Finally, put the other half of the tomato on top for display and the raw tomato texture.

Mozzarella Cheese
*On 20161106 I realized that I had actually used roast beef hash and not corned beef hash.

The natural uncooked tomato was a welcomed balance to the dish, but the cooked tomato also added a nice texture. While corned beef hash is already oily, the cheese must have added to the oily taste. The effect is amplified because the oil readily attaches to the pasta.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Furthermore, while the oiliness of corned beef hash might go unnoticed on its own, the the pasta gives the oil a surface to attach to.

Overall, I'd say this combination was unsuccessful.


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