I tore the chicken apart with chopsticks. Used olive oil, garlic, and soy sauce.

I tore the chicken apart with either chopsticks or my hands (I don't remember). There were three kinds of chicken: the lower left was covered in provolone, one had honey on it, and the remaining was just plain. Well, all had steak seasoning on them.

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I tore the chicken apart with my hands. I prepared it with olive oil and soy sauce (I probably more soy sauce than 20100714 and 20100717 combined). I don't, however, remember if I added honey or not. If so, that might explain how the coating seemed thicker than 20100714.

[20161015 Edit]

By now I've cooked plenty of chicken, and while not enough to become an expert, I've gotten somewhat a hang of things. In any case, today I made chicken twice, 5 ounces for lunch and 5 ounces for dinner.

For lunch, I cooked the chicken over canola oil and after finishing I added some soy sauce, dried basil, and some pepper.

For dinner, I added the dried basil and pepper before cooking over canola oil and added soy sauce during the middle of cooking.

Since the pan I used had lost its nonstick coating, an interesting difference between dinner and lunch was that the herbs added prior to cooking burned to the pan despite the use of oil.

Needing some protein for a balanced diet,* I made some chicken.

However, unlike an inexperienced, younger version of myself, I thought about what I should do to add flavor to the chicken.

After chopping up the chicken into pieces, I added some Trader Joe's Chile and Lime. And then I smelled the bottle of basil and thought I should add some of that. Finally, I decided to add a bottle that was called Everything Spicy - I gave it a taste and it wasn't that spicy, but definitely an ingredient that would go well with the Chile and Lime.

Each time I added an ingredient, I decided to mix the ingredient in with my free hand.

Then, after adding some (Himalayan) salt, I poured some light soy sauce and let it all sit in a covered container for a while.

After working on another dish, I chopped three cloves of garlic, added olive oil to a pan, added the garlic, and added a tablespoon of buttery spread. Then, as the garlic began to burn, I added the chicken.

I used a thermometer to check that the chicken had arrived to a reasonable temperature.

Most of the chicken pieces retained some moisture, but some were more cooked than others. Perhaps, more importantly, the herbs and spices made for a delicious experience. I'd also say that three pieces of garlic for the amount of chicken I cooked is just about the right amount to my own taste.

*Though balanced in nutrients, I learned earlier today that I was not eating balanced meals, which is important. For example, eating proteins will offset sleepiness and the crashing effect and/or sleepiness created by just eating sugars alone (say one were to eat five apples and nothing else).

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