Green Beans with Chicken Hearts

Today I watched my dad cook green beans with chicken hearts.

Boil water

Chop the green onion/scallion.
Slice the tomatoes (adds a soft and sweet taste)
Cut the green beans:
If you have time, cut the green beans diagonally.
If you're short on time, cut the green beans in half.
If you're lazy, don't cut them in half.
Cut the carrots (adds a crunch)
Cut the garlic
Cut the onion

In a separate pan, throw some garlic and onion.

Throw the green beans into the boiling water

Then the chicken heart
Cook to brown, perhaps a little burning
You can listen to the sound of the sizzling

Add ground black pepper.
Throw other spices to your desire.
Put the chicken heart into a separate bowl.

Throw in some more garlic and onion
The green beans were timed to be ready by now.
Drain the water, and when you have done that, the garlic will be ready.
Throw in the green beans.
Then the carrots and tomato.

You can add salt, soy sauce, fish sauce, etc to taste.
Finally, throw the chicken hearts back in for a final cook.

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